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Palletizer / Depalletizer

Cobot palletizer

Segbert GPA-25


Precise, movable 6-axis industrial robot for flexible robot use and particularly dynamic and fast palletizing and depalletizing


  • Robot for 11 cycles/min.
  • Safety zone for the entire palletizing area
  • Frame with GPA-25 transportable per pallet truck
  • Palletizing / Depalletizing of up to 2 pallets simultaneously
  • Flexible and intuitive handling with the layer programm RobAdmin Basic, developed by Segbert
  • Various gripping tool designs, depending on application
  • Integrated product management software
  • Max. carrier capacity: 22 kg, depending on gripping device
  • Max. range: 1730 mm


  • Interleaving sheet feeder
  • Extended safety area: Manual work or access is possible for each separate palletizing area.
  • Palletizing program RobAdmin Pro for the individual creation and management of pallet layer formats

Technical data

GPA-25 [365 KB]