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Palletizer / Depalletizer

Cobot palletizer


Movable 6-axis robot suitable for human-machine cooperation – the larger version for dynamic palletizing and depalletizing


  • Frame with CPA-20 transportable per pallet truck
  • Optionally as cobot for 6 products (batches)/min. without safety area or
  • As robot for 11 products (batches)/min. with monitoring safety area
  • Palletizing/depalletizing of up to 2 pallets simultaneously
  • Flexible and intuitive operating with the 3D layer program RobAdmin Basic, developed by Segbert
  • Various gripper solutions, dependent upon products
  • Integrated product management software
  • Maximum carrier capacity: 18 kg, depending on gripping device
  • Maximum range: 1700 mm


  • Monitoring safety system for pallet area
  • Interleaving sheet feeder
  • Palletizing program RobAdmin Pro for the individual creation and management of pallet layer formats

Technical data

CPA-20 [354 KB]