The Segbert order management system S-AMS
secures production processes and ensures transparency!

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Software for efficient printing logistic

The Segbert order management system makes it easy for you to plan and prepare the entire order process. All basic order information like order name/order ID, product format and edition are recorded centrally and linked with the order set information in the batch definition. The data can be taken directly from the customer’s system.


SEGBERT layer program PalAdmin

  • ... is integrated in all SEGBERT layer palletizer robots
  • Real-time calculated 3D layer patterns
  • Flexible and manual adjustment of layer patterns
  • Input and manage variable jobs
  • Intuitive user guidance
  • Standardized interfaces webservice XML, exchange format CSV and XML, FTP-client, SMB-client for access to network files
  • Integrated pallet label configurator
  • An additional single-user office-version for job preparation is available as an option

Control center technology S-AMS

  • Central PC which controls ,tracks and records every machine in the network
  • Integration in available on-site customized interfaces
  • Automatic pre-setting of compensating stacker via integrated job data memory
  • Automatic handling of variable batch formats (copy/batch) per job
  • Odd bundle formatting at the end of every job
  • Automatic bundle tracking
  • Interface to control third-party machines (like strappers, to realize variable strapping modes based on job data)
  • Visualization of the entire Segbert line to track the actual production status
  • Automatic pallet confirmation to ERP or distribution software solutions
  • Detailed log files for subsequent production analysis
  • Automatic load balancing for accurate press shut-down to reduced excess production
  • Segbert job management system S-AMS
  • Seamless integration in higher-ranking systems


Module BundAdmin

  • Upload of bundle lists in various file formats (csv, xml or excel)
  • Easy configuration of the files to required stacker data structure
  • Visualization product file (active and already processed positions are visualized in colour)
  • Versatile, flexible processing management of the list possible during production (change positions, adjustment production amounts) Interfaces to superior ERP or control systems
  • Connection to bundle label printer and bundle tracking for individual bundle label print